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Searching for 5 members of Royalty, does that sound like you?

Trisha Rose, Feb 26, 12 3:35 PM.
Well we need five premium members to join the guild, if your up for becoming part of Royalty in Angels of Julera then join today. We are also recruiting for all other positions below is the ranks we have and the level brackets for each. Though levels are not the most important part of our guild we do set our ranks for each ten levels this way you can work your way to the top fairly.
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Welcome to Angels Of Julera
This is the official page for Angels of Julera, a guild on Tibia, in the server Julera.

If you are here you most likely are a member who is checking out the roster, posting on the forums, uploading a cool screenshot you took, leaving a message in our shoutbox, or just bored and wanted to click around the site for a while to build traffic. Either way we thank you for your support and want you to know that you're a valuable part of our guild!

If your not a member... perhaps you just got a link from a member or friend, or maybe even found the link somewhere out there on the internet. We welcome you to check out our site and if you like what you see and want to become a part of our great guild just send a message to Trisha Rose or any of the Royalty members. (see roster)


1. Be kind to all citizens of Julera, and make a good name to our guild. Members shall never steal, scam, PK unfairly, or speak foul of another person or guild. The way you act reflects on what people think about our guild and we do not appreciate any rude people.

2. Be helpful and supportive of guild members, do not brag if you have the riches, do not beg if you need gold or items. We want all of our members to enjoy great hunting and to see a great growth in their character levels and skills, and we will help as much as we can with this. But there will be no freebies, everything you must earn just as we have. We will try to organize some times where we will meet and bring stock of food and supplies, as well as gear checks are available where we will inform you of whether you should upgrade gear, what gear you should get, and then help you find a way to cover the cost, or complete the quest for that item.

3. If your hunted that is YOUR responsibility to take care of the issue. We may help only by asking the person who you say is hunting you what they wish to call the hunt off, if it is money or a death, and what they feel you have done to deserve this hunt. YOU must choose to resolve that in the way you wish. If the hunt is completely unfair and they are doing for no reason then we will let a few of our high level friends take care of it and go back to hunting. Our guild does not involve with war or hunting characters!

4. Level and have fun, if your tired of power-leveling then do some quests. We like to remind our members that you will only level as much as you hunt, and will only become as wealthy as you work to become. If you sit around wasting time in safe zones, or don't take the time to wiki items that are new to you, then you are choosing to play the game only half paying attention. There will be places on our website to let people know if you'd like to help others do their quests, maybe be a blocker for someone, and a place to ask for that help as well. Our guild is about progress, if your sitting in town talking rudely about people all day then you wont stick around in our guild. Go go go, next level!!

5. Last but not least please try to stay active on our website at least check back once a week or so and make sure you know if anything is new. Also feel free to check out the roster and add your guildies to VIP, if you'd like. If you see someone in your guild it is respectful to say hello, and be inviting to them. If someone is interested in guild any member of the guild should send them to Trisha Rose or another Royalty member. The website will have more and more content as time goes on so eventually we will have party quests set up, world events organized, and things like this.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our guild. 

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